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Jerome’s interests include general optimization, large-scale problems, surrogate (proxy) modeling, data analytics, and development of custom workflows to tackle difficult problems. Jerome has applied these skills in the oil and gas industry for various reservoir management tasks including history-matching, field development planning and optimization, reservoir simulation and classical reservoir engineering. Jerome holds MSc and PhD degrees from Stanford University and a Bachelor’s degree from University of Port Harcourt all in Petroleum Engineering. Previously, he worked as a Reservoir Engineer at BP America Inc., in Houston Texas, in various roles including R&D, reservoir simulation support, and benchmarking providing support to different BP business units.

Michael’s interest is in Large Eddy Simulations (LES) and Direct Numerical Simulation (DNS) of vorticity development and transformation. Michael previously worked for Chevron North America at SJVB unit where he was responsible for reducing the effects of multiphase fluid flow erosion on pipes. Michael has a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering and also holds a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering (Computational Fluid Dynamics) from the University Southern California (USC). Michael has a California P.E. license in Mechanical Engineering and has served on the engineering committee of AHRI for the 410 standard. He is a member of the American Society Mechanical Engineers (ASME).

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